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    Marta Rocha and Matilde do Carmo are experienced professionals who work with a team of great experts across Portugal.

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  • A one-stop shop for your relocation to Portugal

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A one-stop shop for your relocation to Portugal

Marta Rocha and Matilde do Carmo are experienced professionals who work with a team of great experts across Portugal.

Our Services

Portugal for Retirees.
​Why Portugal?

When retirement approaches, which is so desired by some, we begin to think about the destinations that will allow us to have the quality of life we want and deserve after so many years of work.

​And it is in this reflection that Portugal emerges undoubtedly as a country worth living in!

How it all began

It all started with a suggestion from a Canadian retiree who met Marta while searching for a property to buy. He concluded that he needed all the information about the immigration process. A one-stop shop.

This led us, Marta and Matilde, to combine our skills and set up a company to give all retirees who decide to come and live in Portugal the support they need.

Keep in mind that you can always plan your future citizenship by obtaining the Golden Visa. Today we also work with the Nomad Visa for remote workers.

So, let us make your dream a reality!

Our Services

More than 30 services customized for you!


Golden Visa, D7, D2, Digital Nomad. We provide legal support, consultancy and guidance. A hassle-free visa process!


Relocating to another country can be challenging. We're here to help you with everything. Relocate with ease!

Property & Rental Management

We take care of your property. Stress-free long-term rental management. Let us handle everything for you!

Real Estate

If you are planning in buying, selling, or renting a property, anywhere in Portugal, we´ve got you covered!

Golden Visa

Secure your family's future with European citizenship. Schedule a meeting with us, and we will introduce you to the best investment funds in Portugal.

Our Concierge Services distributed in four main areas

Relocation Support

Any relocation involves an endless "To do List". We will be here to support along the way, step by step with all procedures needed such as getting a NIF, opening a bank account, taking care of a health insurance, moving, etc. Count on our experience to make it easier!

Home support / Domestic Support

On a day-to-day basis, running a house requires a set of tasks that demand a lot of time. We are here to get you the appropriate solutions from simple to complex repairs, or even dealing with utilities.

Leisure: Relax and Unwind

Living in a different country is also enjoying its culture, its gastronomy … We can suggest tailor-made services for you to make the most of any experiences by using recommended providers.

Fitness / Health

If there is an area that is important, and that we should value, it is the area of health. For that reason, one of our services is centred here. We want you to continue exercising, eating well, taking care of yourself.

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Why Portugal?

There are so many reasons for Portugal to be in such high demand.


Healthcare in Portugal is a strength. In addition to having a very solid hospital and clinical infrastructure, it also has high-quality health insurance at affordable prices.


Sun 300 days a year! Despite the climatic changes that have been observed in recent times, it has a very temperate and pleasant climate throughout the year, without large thermal amplitudes.


In a list of 163 countries, Portugal is the sixth safest country in the world and the fifth in Europe, according to the Global Peace Index 2022.

Cost of Living

Usually those who come from Northern Europe or North American countries will consider that the cost of living in Portugal is low. We believe that a couple can live comfortably on around €3200/month.