The Interior Northern and Central Regions

The Interior Northern and Central Regions offer many green destinations, wonderful mountains, peaceful villages with its warm-hearted inhabitants, conscious accommodations guided by thoughtful sustainable practices and inspiring natural landscapes.

Here are some of the main attractions on the Interior Northern and Central Regions


Bragança is a city where it is possible to watch and experience a symbiosis and harmony between the past and the contemporary. Situated high on a plateau near Portugal’s north-eastern frontier with Spain, the ancient city of Bragança is the Capital of the Trás-os-Montes region, one of Europe’s wildest and most remote areas. Bragança has a very attractive and well-preserved historic center, where the old castle still maintains a medieval urban core within its walls. On the outskirts of Bragança there is the Montesinho Natural Park, an area of unspoiled nature that is well worth a visit.

Vila Real

Vila Real, in the Trás-os-Montes region of North East Portugal, is located on the River Corgo and close to the Park Natural do Alvão therefore offers exceptional green spaces. This region has been inhabited since Paleolithic times, although it was founded in 1289 by King D. Dinis. One of the most visited places visited is Casa de São Mateus, a beautiful baroque palace built in the 18th century.


According to some explanations, the city's name derived from the Roman term "viso", which means a good view, and in fact from its highest point, where the original settlement was formed in Roman times, Viseu offers its visitors some quite magnificent panoramic views.

Viseu is located in the centre of a demarcated wine region that has taken the name of the river passing through it - Dão. It is an area that produces reds and whites of exceptional quality. The city has a number of green and leafy parks and is very cool and pleasant, yet it also preserves a rich heritage in terms of monuments.


Guarda is a city and a municipality in the District of Guarda and the capital of the Beiras e Serra da Estrela sub-region in central Portugal. Set at 1,056 meters on the slopes of the Serra da Estrela, this is the highest city in Portugal. Given its strategic location, it has served as a battleground since pre-history and settled since pre-Roman times. Guarda is known for the beauty of its surroundings, the monumentality of its colossal castle, and the great role it played in Portugal’s history. Here you can delight in its natural and architectural beauty, and take pleasure in hiking, cycling, and exploring  Portugal’s highest mountain range, Serra de Estrela, located close by.

Castelo Branco

Castelo Branco is an inland city and municipality in Central Portugal. The origins of Castelo Branco can be found in Roman times with the settlers who established Albi Castrum on the slopes of the Cardosa hill. Castelo Branco can easily be visited in a day. Head up the steep streets towards the Castle to take in the wonderful views out over the surrounding countryside. It is a beautiful city where you can see small mountains and boulders. Castelo Branco, noted for its hand-embroidered linen bedspreads, is an important regional centre and has a flourishing local trade in cork, wine, olive oil, and cheese.