Golden Visa, D7, D2 or D8. What are the benefits of applying for a visa?

  • Qualify for permanent residency or citizenship in Portugal after 5 years
  • Gain access to the Portuguese healthcare System
  • Avail of visa-free travel to any of the Schengen countries
  • Apply for family reunification
  • Applicants can enjoy the right to live, to work and or to study in Portugal

The D7 Visa 

Retiring in Portugal with the D7 visa, otherwise known as the passive income visa or retiree visa, is an excellent fit for you.

The D7 visa is a way to obtain permanent residence in Portugal for pensioners, retired foreign citizens or for those living of a reasonable stable income such as pension, real estate, intellectual property, or financial investments.

At lower governmental fees, as compared to the Golden visa and with a quicker approval rate, it is an attractive immigration visa option for those who intend to live in Portugal.

The minimum stay requirement is that you must not be away for more than 6 consecutive months or 8 non-consecutive months in any period of validity. Longer absences will eventually be permitted for professional, cultural or personal reasons.

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The Golden Visa

If you're not ready to move full-time to Portugal, but still want the benefits of residency and the option of obtaining European citizenship for the whole family, the Golden Visa is your best option.

Portugal's Golden Visa Program only requires staying in Portugal for 14 days in each two-year period.

To get the Golden Visa, you must meet certain criteria, such as:

  • Transfer of capital in an amount equal to or greater than 500,000 euros in investment funds or venture capital funds OR
  • Incorporate a company or increase the share capital of an already constituted one.

It is aimed at people who want to open a new business in Portugal, set up a Portuguese branch of an existing business, or move to Portugal to manage a business they created here.

The D8 (Digital Nomad Visa)

If you want to work remotely from Portugal, it is possible to obtain a temporary stay visa and a residence permit to carry out your professional activity, under an employment contract or as a self-employed person, to a singular or legal person with headquarters or offices outside national territory.

This is the ideal Visa to combine remote work and quality of life. Ask for your D8 visa!

The D2 Visa

It’s designed for people who want to open a new business in Portugal, set up a Portuguese branch of an existing business, or move to Portugal to run a business created by them here.

As an applicant you may choose either of the 4 following options:

  • Employed under a work contract
  • Incorporate a company in Portugal
  • Work as a freelancer

  • Invest in a business in Portugal

The business can be anything from a coffee shop to a wellness retreat to a real estate agency – there are no restrictions. With this visa, you can enjoy access to the European markets and have access to government support and incentives. Would you like to talk with our expert in Visas & Taxes?

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