Property & Rental Management

Property & Rental Management

Dealing with the management of a rented property can mean spending a lot of time resolving various issues and we know how important it is to have specialized professionals.

Let us manage your rental for you!

If you have a property in Lisbon or Cascais, let us manage your rental for you!

We take care of all matters. Our focus is to make your property more profitable.

This is the list of our services. We charge monthly for a small percentage of the rentals.

  • Real Estate promotion with photographic report
  • Finding the ideal tenant
  • Getting the energy certificate
  • Preparation of the lease contract
  • Property inventory (equipment and content)
  • Ensure utility contracts are transferred into the tenant's name
  • Property's maintenance and management of the budget
  • Getting the property's insurances
  • Managing the alarm installation
  • Final property’s inspection (equipment and content)
  • Providing the property's cleaning in the entry/exit of the tenants
  • Hiring a lawyer for rent collection, penalties, complaints management
Our goal is to rent it quickly, but always with great responsibility. We gather and analyze all tenant documentation to prove financial capacity. Of course, it is also in our interest to have the best tenants.

Regarding the maintenance of your property, before the tenant arrives and after they leave, a checklist report will be prepared. And if there is a need to carry out works or repairs, at any time, we assess the situation by checking whether this repair is the responsibility of the owner or the tenant.

Extra services:

  • Issuance of receipts via the Finance Portal
  • IMI payment (tax)
  • Annual Income Update
  • Preparation of the tax dossier for the IRS
  • Support for tax obligations and taxes

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Important Notes

  1. Portugal for Retirees Is Not A Bank, Accountant, Tax / Investor Advisory, Insurance Agents, Tourist Operator, Transport Company, Travel Agency Or Law Firm. Portugal for Retirees Acts as An Intermediary, Easing The Process And Working With Trusted Partners.
  2. PfR LDA. provides a mediation service between the customer and the final service provider, so we cannot be held responsible for any failures of third parties.