Real Estate

Real Estate

Buying, selling, or renting a home is a very responsible decision that we value, and we focus on individualized and personalized service.


We partner with all real estate agencies and aim to find the ideal home for you. There are no costs as it is the owner/seller who pays us the commission.

The process of buying a property: 

Purchase offer Consists of:

  • Price
  • Down payment (usually between 10% to 20%)
  • Dates for the PSPA and the deed.
  • Conditions description (if applicable)

Promissory of sale and purchase agreement (PSPA):

  • Everything is negotiated and agreed on.
  • Inclusions or Exclusions


  • Remaining payment

  • Tax payment


We provide a quality service, from price assessment to advertising on more than 200 real estate websites around the world. It is necessary to formalize a real estate mediation contract where the sale price of the property and the commission for the mediation services will be determined.

Renting / Leasing

This is a personalized service with a variable price.